Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year...New Room: REMODO!

Remodo is a site for tweens and teens to redecorate their bedrooms with the help of an interior designer. It has two main parts:

First, a "Shop Remodo" where you can browse a small selection of products and purchase them without a username or a room design.  This part is great for everyone, not just tweens and teens.

The second is a "Design Your Room" service where you can sign up, fill out a questionnaire and work one on one with an assigned interior designer until your dream room is created. Your first room design is free. 

The best way to understand what Remodo is all about, is to sign up. No need to have a room designed but if you "Join" you can see what a mock room looks like as well as tips and features. 

Remodo is not only a one stop shop but it is also about the experience. The experience of having your own room designed by a professional while also having a say and picking out products that fit your style and your taste. 

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